Ibanez TM5 Thrashmetal

TM5 Thrashmetal (Ibanez)

Ok, I know: I shouldn’t expect anything from the name of a pedal. I mean, effect names are otfen *very* loosely related to what the circuitry in the box does. However, I’d have expected from the TM5 something able to scare the hell out of me (or at least out of my cat, which is usually easier :) ). A more correct name would have been “Heavy Overdrive” which was what Ibanez actually said, by the way. If you are into trash metal or any similar kind of music, look somewhere else.

The effect in the photo has been thrashed around from the previous owner, but is still perfectly working. While this pedals looks tough, the box isn’t entirely metal: the battery cover, which you can see open in the next photo, is made of plastic. Since this was the first pedal I’ve got in this series, I thought all of them were made in the same way: I found out later that this is not true, when I got hold of a different one which used a plastic case :(

TM5 Thrashmetal (Ibanez) with battery compartment open

Another thing I don’t like about this pedal and its “soundtank” brothers, is the kind of control knobs: you can’t check their positions at a glance while playing, the white markers are almost invisible unless you have a very long neck…

Apart from those notes, the TM5 is worth checking if you need an inexpensive overdrive, since it can usually picked up second-hand at very low prices.

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