As you may have probably realized by now this site is about guitar effects, guitar pedals, stompboxes and so on. I will be uploading photos, comments, and sound samples. And bass pedals are ok, too.

I will not post any material about multieffects or rack units. No problem with this kind of equipment but I just had to draw a line :-)

I’ll gladly accept any photo / audio sample for any unit, but please note:

- The stuff you send me must be your own and you must give me written permission to post it. Please don’t send me any photo lying around on the web unless you are *sure* you are not violating any copyright.

- Regarding samples, I need to know how did you record it (i.e. the guitar used, if you used any additional effect and so on). I may need to convert sample rate or format too.

- If you are an effects builder / producer you’re welcome, too.

- If you need to sell your pedals or personal collection, there are better places than this site…

One last thing: you may notice a lot of Boss effects on this site, well I’m not related to that company, or to any effect manufacturer, it’s just that I happen to own over 70 of them.

some boss effects

some boss effects

I can be reached at l u i g i d g @ m i a pa v i a . c o m (no spaces :-) )

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