Hughes & Kettner Warp Factor

Hughes & Kettner Warp Factor

Hughes & Kettner Warp Factor

The first thing you notice about this pedal its the unusual round shape: there are other effects with the same shape (Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face and Expandora , just to mention two), but no one is dark, heavy (700 g) and menacing as this one :)

In addition to the usual “gain” and “level” knobs, there are 2 more controls: a “warp” knob and a “sub” button.

The “warp” knob is actually a tone control, which doesn’t work in the usual way: to the left it boosts mids from 250 Hz to 1 kHz. When set to the right, it cuts mids at 500 kHz with a subtle boost at 3 kHz.

Hughes & Kettner Warp Factor - front

Hughes & Kettner Warp Factor - front

The “sub” button is a low-end boost at 90 Hz (!) and is recommended for use with a 4×12 cabinet as you can see on the manual and on the reverse of the box.

By the way, as you can see in the photos, the input and output jack are reversed: I mean that the input jack is positioned on the left side while the output jack is on the right side…pretty weird choice imho, since the standard is exactly the opposite.

Hughes & Kettner Warp Factor - back

Hughes & Kettner Warp Factor - back

This pedal needs a whopping 180 mA of 12 V current: forget about using batteries, however a 700 mA power supply is included.

This effect was included in H&K catalog for year 2006, but is now discontinued: my personal opinion is that the sound isn’t bad, but probably its quirks were enough to condemn it to a fast “phase-out”. At the moment they can be found second-hand at reasonable price.


Weight: 700 g

Max. current consumption: 180 mA

Power supply: 14 V~

Input sensitivity: -14 dB

Input impedance: 1 MOhm

Output level: +6 dB

Output impedance: 3 kOhm


Original manual and catalog from H&K site


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