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Behringer UC100 Ultra Chorus

UC100 Ultra Chorus (Behringer)

This has been, for some time, the least expensive stereo chorus stompbox you could buy here in Italy (and I’d bet that the same was true in a lot of other countries, too:) ).

Right now, the UC100 is not present anymore in Behringer price list, and I think the UC-200 may have replaced it. I’m a little uncomfortable talking about this effect: the reason is that it does what is supposed to, it is unbelievably inxepensive, and the sound is not as good as the other chorus pedals I’ve tested, it isn’t really bad either. However, this last point is subject to debate, since the price of the other units I’m talking about is *5* (yes, five) times higher… so, I’m not sure I can make a fair comparison.

Guitar players can spend impressive amounts of money to get the sound they want: for guitar stompboxes you usually have to pay a lot to get good stuff (sometimes you can spend a lot and get burned, anyway). For this reason, I will not talk further about the sound: however the construction is far from other more expensive products. The box is made of plastic, and considering the general structure, I wouldn’t kick around this unit on a stage. One thing I simply don’t like is the DC input on the right side, near the signal input: I’d have preferred DC input on top of the unit.

Another thing I’m not exactly happy about is the battery compartment: to replace the 9V battery you have to “press the hinges with a ballpen and remove the pedal cover”. Owww…. and the author of the manual adds “Be careful not to scratch the pedal”. Very funny. In the photo, you can notice some velcro-like stuff glued on the bottom of the box by the owner.

UC-100 on Behringer site

UC-100 on Youtube