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Ibanez SM7 Smash Box

SM7 Smash Box (Ibanez)

This pedal is part of the “Tone-Lok” series from Ibanez, a company who has gained a certain respect from effect users for the Tube Screamer and some of its variants.

This is a distortion unit, too, but forget about the Tube Screamer: this is more aggressive and geared for modern rock sounds, think Drop-D tunings and 7 strings guitars.

Apart from the usual controls there are two switches: “Void” and “Edge”. The first one is actually a noise gate with three settings: “off”, “1″ which means longer decay while “2″ means shorter decay. The second switch has two positions: “Sharp” and “Smooth” to select high frequencies boost or cut.

Construction looks great: the metal box is tough, and the control knobs are push-pull (which is the reason for the “tone-lok” name, I guess). This is very useful to avoid unwanted setting changes, and when the knobs are in “push” position, as in photo, the pedal looks even better :)


- Weight: 460 g

- Current draw: 14 mA


SM7 page on Ibanez Japan site, with samples and User’s Manual

SM7 page on Ibanez USA site

A video on YouTube