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Boss CS-1 Compressor

CS-1 Compression Sustainer (Boss)

This is the first compressor from BOSS: it has 3 controls, two knobs for level and sustain and a normal/treble switch, which is somewhat unusual from this manifacturer. I think that the only other Boss compact pedal which has a switch like this is the TW1 (T-Wah or Touch Wah).

This unit has been sold from 1978 to 1982, later Boss has made the CS-2 and CS-3. There’s a considerable difference in sound between the CS-1 and its siblings from the same company: this is due to the use of a photocoupler, which has been replaced by a more conventional VCA circuitry in later models. The CS-1 is supposed to have a tighter compression than CS-2 and 3. The pedal in the photo has some wear but still works like a champ.

Samples coming real soon

Schematics from Kurt Godiksen great site.